Tuesday, 18 September 2012

9 week update

I have been a bit quiet on here lately, mainly because I am really struggling with my new found symtoms - aren't they just awful? I already feel like maybe just one child will be enough for me, even though I have wanted 4 for forever.

I've recorded a couple of videos about what's bveen happening over the past few weeks, couldn't fit it into one so had to do 2, that will teach me to update more often. Check out my picture of my little bambino - super cute!



Just for your information, the app I mentioned is called Sprout, and I really like it. If anyone requires more info on the books I bought, just message me and I will tell you more, dont really want to bore anyone if they are not interested.

Thank you to everyone who has been thinking and asking of me, hopefully I will be able to keep to my plan of updating every week. Please encourage me.

I really feel like this pregnancy is going really slow, I can twait to be in my 2nd trimester and hopefully rid of these horrible symptoms. I dont want to complain too much because I wanted to be pregnant and I'd rather have these syptoms than still be trying to get pregnant each month.

So lets see what happens at my next appointments.

Take care guys xx