Monday, 27 February 2012

Back at One

Hey, as I was about to start writing I thought of the Brian McKnight song "Back at One" and it relates to my post because AF is here, yep that's right, CD1. But that song is such a great song, I used to have this song on repeat constantly. If you have not yard it before, go listen to it on YouTube.

So back to business, before I went to bed last night I went to the loo, and when I wiped I saw some pink - I immediately knew what was coming, so I put a sanitary towel on before I went to bed. I woke with full flow and lots of cramps.

When I saw the nurse she said I need to call on cd1, so I called today and left a message with their department. The nurse called me back later in the morning and booked me in for a transvaginal scan this Wednesday. She also told me not to take any clomid until they instruct me to. I will also need to take some blood tests for HIV,hep b,etc. I've had these tests already but they said I need to do them again because it was over a year ago and it's compulsory to have these tests done before having any fertility treatment.

So I'm wondering what will happen now, will I start now or have to wait till I get back fom my trip,at least I don't have to wait too long until Wednesday.

I'm slightly uncomfortable about having a transvaginal on cd3, my flow can be still slightly heavy at that time.

As I'm going to start clomid this cycle, I am going to make sure I'm taking my folic acid religiously, as well as vitamin b complex and evening primrose oil. I need to stock up on clearblue OPK's and I started temping again for this cycle.
Does anyone know if it's ok to take agnus castus along with clomid?, it helps with hormonal balance. Please let me know if you have insight.

God Bless

Saturday, 25 February 2012

CD 48 update ( and fertility nurse appointment )

As the title suggests, I'm on cd48- another long ass cycle, but I have not been obsessing over this cycle, I have just let it run it's course without stressing about it too much. At the beginning of my cycle I was quite focused on making sure I complete a full cycle of temping and monitoring my CM. I also started using OPK's around cd15. You will be disappointed to know that amidst all the positive encouragement from you ladies,I still managed to stop temping and stop doing the OPK's. I know, I gave up and I shouldn't have. I'm just one of these people who easily get de- motivated when I don't see results soon enough. Actually I think it's more the fact that I'm not disciplined enough - or so my husband tells me. The last temp I charted was on cd30 and the last opk I did was on cd34, then I just threw in the towel as I knew it was going to be another drawn out cycle.

Anyway, I did start noticing my cm get a little stretchier and more eggwhite around cd34 and this continued for a few days, so I was thinking that maybe I'm ovulating. To be honest I should have really made sure I was temping and doing OPK's to confirm this but I was too lazy. It's also really hard to do OPK's when you get home late from work, there is no way i could do it at work either.

Unfortunately, we did not BD at all around the time that my cm appeared to be fertile, and this was due to me feeling unwell, drained, tired and hubby and I were not on the best terms anyway. By this time I was just looking forward to my appointment with the fertility nurse that had been set up at my last FS appointment back in January.

So I went to the hospital to see the nurse last week Thursday 16th feb, which was cd39 for me and to be honest i was excited to hear what she would say, hoping and praying she would just give me clomid and glad that I would jot have to undergo any invasive scans or anything.

By the time my appointment came along, in my heart of hearts I knew that I probably ovulated in the past few days and that we had missed our opportunity for this cycle, I had a very very slight tender feeling in my breasts which I only normally get when my AF is getting ready to show up.

So the nurse basically told me that my HSG report was normal and the next step was for me to go on 50mg of clomid for 3 months. She was very positive about it and said that she felt this would work for me, if not we could increase the dose. I was really happy as you can imagine.
She gave me the prescription then and there for 3months worth of clomid and also the trigger shot.

She said I could start immediately and I did not have to wait for my period but first they would need to do a scant check my uterus lining was thin, apparently you can only start when the lining is thin, if the lining is thick they can give you provera to make it shed and then you can begin. So she asked me to come in the following morning to get the scan done to check my lining. In my head I was thinking that my lining probably would be slightly thick as ovulation had happened and my period would probably come in about 2 weeks so it might make sense to wait for it. Anyway I did not say anything as there was a small chance that I could be wrong. The nurse said that once I start taking it I would need to come back a few days after my last dose to check if any eggs were maturing and to possibly get a trigger shot to make me ovulate. If there were no mature eggs I would need to come back a few days later to do another scan to check. She said I would also need to use the clearblue smiley face OPK's around that time and once get a positive to BD that morning, night and following morning. She said it must be the smiley face ones. In my mind I w thinking how I would manage to get all this time off work to come for scans without anybody knowing the Eason why.

Then suddenly I remembered that me and hubby are travelling for 10 days on the 9th march, how would we make all the appointments, so I told her and she advised that we should start the clomid when we get back. I will have to go in for a scan to check my lining and then start according to the result of the scan. I know that my period is going to come before then as my boobs are so sore and have doubled in size - hubby loves it!!!! I was right, I did ovulate when I say my CM get stretchier.

So the plan now is to call the nurse on CD1(which should be very soon) and here what she suggests, she did say that i might be able to start it while I'm away and then I could have a scan done to check for mature eggs as soon as I get back from our trip. So as it stands I don't really know when we are going to start the clomid, we will just have to play it day by day.

I must say that I feel quite positive about the clomid, even though she did say that it may take a while to have an effect, due to pcos. I have been reading loads of success stories online and they are really uplifting. Here's the link if you want to read a few.

Phewww, this is a long post, I'm really sorry I should have been updating more regularly. If any of you have any clomid stories, good or bad, please share them. I would love to hear them.

Everyday I keep looking at my clomid wondering when I am going to start, but it should be quite soon.
I hope I have not missed out anything important.

Take care ladies xx

Baby dust to all

Friday, 24 February 2012


Ok, so I admit I have been a bit absent lately. But I have a good excuse, I promise.
I have been so busy at work, as I just got promoted, yaaaaaay. I have so much responsibility now that I am getting home so late at night feeling shattered. Also the last 2 weekends have been absolutely packed.

I have quite a lot to update, but I'm at work right now, so will have to wait till I get home. I'm wondering whether I should post a video or a regular post....maybe you guys can let me know what you prefer.

I just thought I would post this just to let you know I have not completely abandoned my blog, some ladies on BnB have also started blogs recently, so I have a lot of catch up reading to do also. I'm also going to catch up on reading all your blogs too. So look out for my next post tonight.

God Bless

Monday, 6 February 2012

Back to OPK's

So I'm back to doing OPK's as I did not ovulate, I'm cd 29 today my test was quite dark but I don't think it was quite a positive.

My CM was gummy, I don't know if you really understand what that means, I don't really know how to describe it. I won't take a pic bcos that would just disgust you guys. It's not like a cream or lotion, it's slightly sticky and stretchy. I really have problems with this, I wish I could have a personal CM analyser.

Oh yeh, my bbt is actually working, my temps have gone back to their normal range.

So that's a quick update, I'm looking forward to what the nurse is going to give me next week.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cycle day 25 update.......and confusion

This week has been a long week, mentally draining infact. In my last post I was excited to get 2positive OPK's, excited is an understatement to be honest. I promised to remain positive, which I did and I am - I think. DH and I BD'd around the days of the positive test to cover all bases, I think we did pretty well, apart from the day before my positive OPK which we did not BD on.
Since then I have been closely watching my temps, looking for a shift, but unfortunately I did not get any. My temps were a bit erratic for a few days and then they went real low, for the past 3 days my temp has been 96.76, usually my average temp is around 97.2 or something. At one point I was thinking my bbt had broken because i had the same temp for 3 days and they have been unusually low. Does the bbt not work in extremely cold weather or something - it's been absolutely freezing here for the past few days, unbearably cold in fact. How do people that live in Russia cope? It's like -20 over there.

Anyway, it seems as if i did not ovulate, it was just my shitty pcos body playing ovulation tricks on me again - totally not fair.

Also, for the past 2 days I have had a real creamy textured CM and I have noticed over the past 10 days or so that I tend to generally alternate between sticky and lotion type CM. Sometimes it has a tiny bit of stretch, but not clearly EWCM.

If anyone is reading this, do you think I should continue with the OPK's again? I might get a few positives before I eventually ovulate, I hate getting my hopes up only to find out I did not actually ovulate.

Please advise me, im a bit confused here and I'm at the point where I usually give upon my cycle and stop charting, but I promised I would see this cycle through even if it turns out to be 80 days long. I better stock up on more OPK's then.......ooops, where did the positivity go?

How are you ladies getting on?

Baby Dust to you all