Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Provera x3

I'm really frustrated right now, I hate to start of writing this way but it just seems like every time I think I'm a little closer, I get moved steps back.

I called the nurses on Tuesday to let them know I was back from my trip and that I needed a scan to possibly get something to induce a period. The last time I was there, the nurse said I should call them if I don't get a period by the 27th of this month. I knew that would never happen so I just called them as soon as I got back.

So when the nurse called me back on Tuesday, she told me to come in for a scan today, and I was so happy that it was quick.

I have just left the hospital now, they scanned my uterus lining and measured the size of the eggs in my ovaries. After the scan was complete, the doctor told me that she would prescribe provera to take for 3 WEEKS, yes 3WEEKS. She went on to explain that due to the Easter break (when they would be closed) if I had a bleed they would not be able to do anything about it, so it would be better to take it for 3 weeks. This means by the times I have completed the 3 weeks and waited for the bleed to start, I'm looking at about 4 weeks minimum before I can start clomid. This sucks.

I asked her that would it have not made more sense to just have asked me to come in for the scan a few dys before they close and then only take provera for 1 week, she agreed but said that taking provera for 3 weeks is fine. Yes I agree, it's fine, but unnecessary.

So now I need to wait again, the waiting never ends.

I will take the first provera pill tonight and keep you updated of the side effects along the course.

If any of you have taken provera for this long, or know of anyone who has, I would really like to know how long it took for the withdrawal bleed to start.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Back to life, back to reality (cd22)

I always sing this song on the plane when I'm coming back from a holiday or trip, for some reason it just always comes to mind.

I'm back from my trip and the first thing on my mind is starting the clomid and my cycles. It's so funngy that while I was away I was not thinking about clomid or ttc or anything like that, I was just having fun with my family and friends. Spending time with my two cute nieces made me think that I would really like to have a girl first, it's amazing to see the personalities so evident at a young age, they amaze me. DH and I bought them a Nintendo Wii so we spent many evenings playing family games, and can't wait to experience the same with my own kiddies.

I think I would like to have 4 in total but we will see about that after having one FIRST. LOL!!!!!

So now that I'm back I'm going to call the fertility nurses and see if it is necessary for me to wait until cd29 before getting provera, as I know I would never have a period by then. Maybe I could just get a scan this week and then start the provera.

I'm happy to be back and back to focusing on getting pregnant but the break from temping, reading ttc blogs, and thinking about the whole ttc thing was great and I really need to enjoy my life and make the best of the time i have while I am not pregnant. Once I get pregnant I can never get this time of my life back again, as being a mother is a whole new life to adjust to. I need to enjoy the now, and not let ttc consume me, it will happen.

Oh, I'm loving this positive feeling I have right now,I'm feeling positive for all you guys out there too, let's stay positive together.

Hubby and I have opened a savings account dedicated to saving for the baby, we save anyway, but this will be baby specific. Do you guys save for a baby?

Take care guys

Sunday, 4 March 2012

CD7 update & nurse appointment

Hey all, I'm on cd7 now and I have had a regular period so far. I saw the nurse on Wednesday (cd3) and had a transvaginal done. I also had some fertility hormone bloddtests as well as HIV,hep b, etc.
The transvaginal took about 20seconds and then she just told me start taking clomid that evening for 5 days and to come back for another scan on cd11. I was sooo happy and immediately started thinking about the possibility of it working on the first go and me being pregnant by the end of the month. That would be amazing.

I then asked her when my next appointment would be after the cd11 one, and she said it depended on how my body reacted but I would need to come for monitoring quite often as I have not taken it before. I then reminded her that I was travelling for 10 days and if I that would affect anything. She then told me that I could not start unill I begin my next period then, I told her that it could take up to 3 months to come again. So she said I should wait for 4 weeks and if period has not started then they would give me pills to bleed and then subsequently start the clomid.

I was so pissed you couldn't imagine, I was just so excited to start and then she killed my
excitement. I was thinking that they could scan me the day before I leave then I could start clomid while I'm away and then come back when my scan is due, but she wasn't happy with that. I guess I can't blame her for doing her job, she said it's only a month but that feels like year to me.

So I just have to be patient. I am not going to temp anymore as it just makes me too involved and I start worrying over every little thing. Just going to wait out the 4 weeks and prepare my body to eventually start clomid.

That's it for now, hope you guys are all ok.

Let me know what's going on with you.

God Bless