Monday, 30 April 2012

Mid-cycle scan 2 update

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great. This one is just going to be a quickie, I will keep it short and sweet. I went for my second scan to check my follies this morning and the DR basically saw that they had grown, but still not quite there yet. I was not too surprised to be honest because I have not had any positive OPK's. My left ovary had a follicle of 16-17mm and my right had 17-18mm so not quite there yet. I have been asked to come back on Thursday morning (cd19) with my trigger shot to trigger my ovulation. By that time my follicles should be about 20mm and ripe enough for ovulation. If I get a positive opk before thursday morning, then I won't need to go to get triggered. Also, next week Thursday (cd26) I need to get blood drawn to check my progesterone levels, which will confirm ovulation. My lining was 10.2mm which is quite good. So I'm hoping my follies grow a bit by Thursday so I can get triggered and then all I need to worry about is BD'ing. Hope you are all doing Ok. Bye for now

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Clomid mid-cycle scan results

So I had my ultrasound this morning to check the size of my follicles. This is what happened.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Clomid Update

I just wanted to put up a quick post about my experience of taking Clomid for the first time. As you know, I took it from day 2-6 and it would be fair to say that I have not had any strong side effects. I have had the occasional hot flash, but they only last a couple of minutes. I have not felt any pains or strains around my pelvic region I just hope that doesn't mean nothing is going on down there. I have not been really paying close attention to what's going on as hubby and I celebrated our 2year anniversary yesterday with a trip to Edinburgh. It was so good to get away and have some real quality time together without thinking about all these hormones. I'm going for my cd12 scan tomorrow to check the size of my follicles, hopefully they are growing nicely. I will update when I get back. I'm also going to start using OPK's tomorrow so I can detect my surge. That's it for now, sorry for the brief post, I'm just so tired from exploring Edinburgh over the last couple of days. Bye for now

Monday, 16 April 2012

DING DING.......Clomd round 1 begins

Hey beautiful supporters, I call you supporters because you guys are so supportive and help me get through the waiting upon waiting upon waiting. I really appreciate you all.

As the title suggests, I have started clomid, finally - after waiting for over a year and enduring test upon test and going to numerous appointments.

AF came yesterday, 9 days after my last provera pill, I thought it would come quicker than this but at least it's here now. So I called the RMU this morning and when the nurse called me back she told me start clomid today- I was rather surprised. First of all, I thought she would want me to come in for a scan before getting approval to start, and secondly I thought I would start on cd3,4 or 5. So I took my first dose around 8pm this evening after my dinner. I'm really happy I have finally started, I will be going in next thursday morning for a scan to check the size of my follicles.

One thing I have noticed, is that my AF is lighter than usual, this must be an effect of the provera. I usually have to change my tampon every 2 hours on cd1 & 2 and sometimes even double up with a pad. This one has been a lot lighter.

Also I have noticed that I gained weight whilst taking provera, I have not weighed myself but I can see and feel it, a few people have commented too. I will need to work on this because I have never been a size 10 in my life and I'm now borderline size 10, no bikini wearing for me when I go on my hols. My skin has also gotten worse, spots on my forehead and around the jaw line, I'm hoping this will clear soon though.

Oh yeah, I started temping this morning too so I will monitor my temps too.
Wish me luck for my first round of clomid.


Sunday, 8 April 2012