Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Time for a little break - CD6

So I'm taking a short break from the Clomid because I have to go away for a wedding, which will be during my fertile period, also, I'm going alone so I won't have the opportunity to babydance with hubby.

Here is an update video of how clomid round 2 ended.

Hope you're all well and good ladies, its been a while since I posted, it just doesn't come naturally to me when I get bad news. Sorry!

On Monday evening my SIL called to let us know she is now 10wks preggers with her second, of-course I am so happy for them, I know that the timing is right for them and that it's what they wanted. So now I have 2 SIL's that are pregnant and I'm still struggling to get a BFP. I am not feeling sorry for myself or anything, but I just wish it could be my turn too.

Anyway, thats it xxxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Progesterone results & CD29 Update

Results are in........87.3nmol/l so a definate ovulation and pretty high for a single follicle ovulation.

I'm happy about this because I was beginning to doubt my ovulation, my boobs are only just beginning to feel sore, this is so bizarre for me. My temps are still high, so that's good too.

Ive not invested much emotion into this cycle, I'm hopeful but whatever happens I'm fine.

Not much more to say here, keepin it short and sweet.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

CD24 & 4DPO Update????

Right now I'm so confused with my body, have I ovulated or not? FF is saying that I'm 4dpo which is great, but I am slightly suspicious. Let's go back a bit. I went in for a follicular scan on Wednesday just gone(cd20) and I had one dominant follicle on my right side that had grown to 20mm, so a real good size. The scan before showed a 7mm follicle on cd11. I took my trigger shot with me just in case I had a good size egg that had ovulated yet.

While I was in Dubai I took OPK tests everyday hoping it would be positive, but nope, just kept getting negatives. So I was hoping that when I went in on Wednesday I would have a good size egg and they would trigger me there and then, but no, my body threw me a curve ball. On Wednesday morning before going in to the hospital, I got a positive OPK, so the nurse decided I did not need to get triggered since my follicle was 20mm. She told me that ovulation was happening, so there was no need to.

The next morning I got quite a high temp and also another positive OPK, followed by another hight temp the next day, so FF put my ovulation day on Wednesday, but I actually think I would have ovulated on Thursday (cd21).

I need to go back this coming Wednesday for a progesterone test to see if I did ovulate, but here is where I'm a bit confused. Usually within 2 days of ovulating, I get very sore and tender breasts as a result of the progesterone in my system. So far, my boobs still feel normal, which isnt normal. FF says I'm 4dpo, but I think I'm 3dpo. My temps have stayed high, but no breast tenderness, Im worried that maybe I dont have a enough progesterone this cycle, or maybe I didnt even ovulate. Not really sure whats going on, I guess I will have a clearer picture when I get the progesterone reults.

Generally, im not too stressed this 2ww, im not really thinking about, it's just somewhere in the back of my mind, not always on my mind like last cycle.

So thats it.

I will upload some pics of my Dubai trip for you guys to see, I really had a great time, and did not realise how much I needed a break until I actually had a break. I definately recommend it.