Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is Ovulation upon me? Cycle 16 update

Hi guys, hope you are all well. I thought I would do a quick cycle day update, although not much has been happening-until now.

I'm on CD 16 at the moment and even on a fairly normal cycle, I would say I generally ovulate about CD20. So I thought this would be a really important week to monitor my fertility signs. I have been temping every day and my normal range is between 96.9 - 97.27 and hopefully I will see a good temperature shift. I usually give up temping if I do not ovulate by day 30 as I cant be bothered with the stressing out. I noticed quite a creamy lotion-like cervical mucus on CD13 &14 and yesterday it was stretch but not slimey like egg-whites - I am not really sure how to categorise this CM. It wasn't really wet, it was whitish and I could stretch it a little way between my fingers, but in my mind I have just been thinking that its too early for me to ovulate and it's probably my pcos symptoms playing up.

I also have been doing OPK's, but I have only done it 3 days because I get home from work so late and sometimes I forget, sometimes I forget to stick to the peeing guidelines-lol!!!
But I remembered today and I got what I think is a  POSITIVE opk.
I wanted to be sure it was a positive , so I compared it to the one I did on CD13

What do you guys think? The one on the left is cd13 and the one on the right is today, it looks quite a bit darker doesn't it? But it does not stop there, I had some Clearblue smiley face OPK's that I use for back up (they are waaaaay too expensive to use everyday, especially with my long ass cycles) so I decided to test with these too.


I actually can't believe this, its almost too good to be true - but enough with that attitude. My DH will not be able to come up for air for a few days - we are gonna catch that lil eggy.

I know that when you have pcos, your body can play tricks and gear up for ovulation and then not ovulate, so I am well aware of this but I choose to remain positive and treat it like 100% ovulation.

Wish me luck this cycle guys.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

FS Appointment & HSG

Hi peeps,

I made another video about what happened with my HSG, but in case you can't be bothered to watch it. I've put down a few bullet points below.

  • FS appointment lasted all of 10mins
  • The results form my trans-vaginal were all normal
  • I had to insert big suppositories which was very uncomfortable
  • The HSG showed I had no blockages
  • It was not too painful
  • I have to go back mid-Feb to get drugs to regulate my cycles
If you want to know more about the process - watch the video.

I had a really emotional day and when I came home I was completely shattered so just decided to take it easy. I have heard many people say that the HSG really clears all the junk out of you uterus and tubes, and that it then increases your chances of conceiving for up to 3 months. I am really hanging onto this hope and remaining positive about receiving a BFP as a result of my next ovulation. I have been charting my temps so far so hopefully this will help.

God Bless

Monday, 16 January 2012

Transvaginal Ultrasound

Hey ladies, I thought I would switch things up a bit and post a video to talk about this experience. I had it done last Wednesday (13/01). I think it was a bit too long so it cut off, but the rest was just babble anyway.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

CD 2 & fertility tests

Hey all, hope you are all doing great.
So I'm on cd2 and I have a few cramps and stuff, nothing major. I just wanted to let you know about my tests - they are all booked now. The transvaginal will be this friday afternoon (cd5) and the HSG will be next Wednesday (cd10). Hopefully all will be fine and we can move forward.
I spent about 3 hrs on hold to try and speak to the people who could book the tests for me, and both appointments were the last slots available, so I guess I was quit lucky. I was so frustrated about the waiting and waiting and waiting, it just seemed like nobody was actually there. The ladies I spoke to were so rude and abrupt, and completely lacking in the sensitivity department. My FS appointment is booked for early morning next Wednesday but they booked my HSG for Wednesday late morning,and the results are needed so they can be discussed in the FS appointment. I explained this to her, but she she rudely said that's all they have. I can completely appreciate that they are booked up but she did not even try to offer up a possible solution or anything, just rudeness and sharpness.
I think the nhs is a great thing and the really work hard and do a great thing, but it's clear that they are overstretched, you are just treated as another nhs number. Private care is the way forward, I'm telling you.

So now, I may have to even change my FS appointment, but I can't wait another 2 months, that would be agony. I will let you know what happens, I may just have to go ahead with it like that and see what the doctor says, I did try calling to rearrange the appointment but as per usual, I was just put on hold for what seemed like 5 hrs.

Aaaarrgh, so frustrated.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Cycle Day 1 ....... finally!

Thank the Lord.... you're ugly face is finally here, you are the most annoying thing in my life but boy am I glad to see you (maybe I should be a bit nicer and you will come more often). Ok, so lets start again, I'm so overwhelmed with joy to see this beautiful manifestation of feminine beauty, please visit me more often.

So CD1 is here again after 71 days, and you wont understand how relieved I feel. As with every new cycle, I am going to try and be disciplined with my temping and I may do OPK's from mid-cycle. As I said in previous posts, I will be checking my CM daily and I may even have a shot at checking my cervical position daily also.

As per usual I will be taking Folic Acid, Bcomplex, Vit C, Evening  Primrose and I am not really sure if I will take Agnus Castus, I took it for the first 30 days of this cycle but I will think about it.

Now that AF is here I can finally have my transvaginal ultrasound and HSG (super nervous). I phoned the fertility clinic today to let them know I was on CD1 and I am waiting for them to call me back with an appointment. I  also called the imaging department where the HSG will take place but they were closed so I will have to call them again in the morning. Hopefully I will have it done on the 16th  in time for my appointment on the 18th.
Finally I feel like maybe we can make some progress, I really believe that my tubes will show to be clear and if that is the case I will probably be prescribed Clomid. The problem is I may have to wait for a fresh cycle to begin and I am not sure  when that could be.

So stay tuned to find out how the transvaginal will go this week and I will try to give more regular updates with whats happening this cycle.

How are all of you? Let me know if you have any updates. Anybody on CD1 and want to be a cycle buddy?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

TMI Alert - Cervical Mucus Analysis

Hi all, hope you are all enjoying the first day of the year.
DH and I are keeping it quite chilled today, and it got me thinking a bit about the things I want to improve on for this year. One of those things is analysing my cervical mucus. Some women seem to be so on top of this, but I really do struggle. I think I don't produce a lot of it to begin with so it is hard for me to monitor it without making a conscious effort to do so.

The three primary fertility signs are-
1.basal body temp
2.cervical mucus
3.cervical position

I generally suck at the other two, so I am going to try and focus on noting my cervical fluid. "Cervical fluid is to a woman what seminal fluid is to the man." Since men are always fertile, they continuously produce seminal fluid. Women on the other hand are only fertile the few days around ovulation, and therefore only produce the substance necessary for sperm nourishment and mobility during that time. Basically, sperm can only survive the fertile cervical mucus that is present around a woman's ovulation.. So the pattern is supposed to go like this-

  • after AF there is generally no CM present, 
  • then after some days you should start to notice sticky CM that could also be describes as pasty, tacky, crumbly. gummy, springy, or even cement like - its also usually white or yellowish.
  • it then becomes more creamy, like a lotion, it may feel milky and smooth. It is usually quite wet, moist, gooey, or cold.
  • soon after it should become slimy and slippery and resemble egg whites - it will stretch a few inches between your fingers, also it will be wet, lubricative, or even humid.
  • immediately after ovulation you may notice nothing at all or a dry sticky CM
Some of you may have seen this already, but if not this will help.

So in my case, I have been trying to be more aware of these transitions, and I am planning to focus more on this, this year.I have heard somewhere that if you have PCOS it may not be so simple to read, as you notice eggwhite CM and do not eventually go on to ovulate (why does everything seem to be so difficult with PCOS?) In my last post I mentioned that I had notice a more fertile CM and was hoping that it means I ovulated - but who knows, at cd64 i'm clutching at straws here.

If any of you have any experience of this, I would love to hear about it, please let me know if this helped you in your journey at all. I have read about women who said they woke up swimming in eggwhites, they BD'd and a few weeks later, they were preggers.

Take care, and baby dust to all.