Tuesday, 21 August 2012

4wks 4days.........................

So I'm officially 4wks & 4days into my pregnancy, still very early indeed. This is consistent with what I thought based on my ovulation date which I believe was probably August 1st. This puts my EDD at 26th April 2013 (2 days after our 3rd wedding anniversary).

I had to wait for over an hour at the EPU(early pregnancy unit) to get my scan done and I was getting more and more nervous and I could just feel butterflies in my stomach worrying about what could go wrong.

As I was getting scanned in a different clinic, I had a new doctor that I was not used to so I was a bit apprehensive going into the consultation room. The doctor asked a few questions about my medical history  and about my cycles. Since my last period started on June 23rd, she said I would be about 8wks pregnant, but I told her that was impossible as I have a very good idea of my ovulation date.

While she was performing the transvaginal scan I was able to see the screen and quickly noticed the gestational sac was in my uterus -pheww!! I was not too worried about an ectopic pregnancy, but it was still a relief. The doctor was also able to see the yolk sac which was good, there was no heartbeat as yet as she said it would be too early. She said that what she saw was consistent with a 4-5wk pregnancy. She also checked both my ovaries and confirmed that I ovulated from my life ovary which was enlarged and contained a corpus luteum. Finally, she recommended I go back in 3 weeks time for a scan which should reveal a heartbeat - I hope the time passes quickly, because it's all I think about.

They gave me this report to keep, which is basically a summary of the scan.

My next steps are

  • to research and buy a few pregnancy books
  • buy a bathroom scale to weigh myself
  • book an appointment with my GP
  • start eating a more healthy diet and drink more water
Hopefully, these will occupy me until my next scan in 3 weeks - if anyone has any books to recommend, that would be a great start.

As I said in my previous post, I am not really having any symptoms, I guess that's because I am still really early.

Thanks to everyone who congratulated me and sent lovely wishes, I really appreciate it. 

That's it for now, God Bless xx