Monday, 20 August 2012

And the story goes.............(part 2)


  1. i found out at 4 weeks and the only symptom i had was NO symptoms and a weird dragging pain in my pelvis area / period style cramps, still havent many symptoms now at 15 weeks lol

  2. So, I just wanted to say I am so happy for you. I was actually writing my own blog entry for my blog (which I had abandoned) and I thought about you! I was worried because I hadn't heard from you so, I stopped writing and came to check out your blog and see if I could message you to encourage you not to give up. Lo and behold, you are pregnant! Wohooooo! I am so pleased that God showed up for you. You have been used as an example, you have been used by God to showcase his glory and what he has started, he will see it through to completion. You have encouraged me tremendously. I would love to a VLOG but much too chicken to put my story out there like you have...nigerian family etc...I'm still on my journey...had 2 surgeries this year to try to bring us closer to BFP...sorting our way through different clinics, blood tests, probing, ultrasounds...God will make us all joyful mothers of children...sorry I am blabbing on, I'm just too happy for you!!