Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Provera x3

I'm really frustrated right now, I hate to start of writing this way but it just seems like every time I think I'm a little closer, I get moved steps back.

I called the nurses on Tuesday to let them know I was back from my trip and that I needed a scan to possibly get something to induce a period. The last time I was there, the nurse said I should call them if I don't get a period by the 27th of this month. I knew that would never happen so I just called them as soon as I got back.

So when the nurse called me back on Tuesday, she told me to come in for a scan today, and I was so happy that it was quick.

I have just left the hospital now, they scanned my uterus lining and measured the size of the eggs in my ovaries. After the scan was complete, the doctor told me that she would prescribe provera to take for 3 WEEKS, yes 3WEEKS. She went on to explain that due to the Easter break (when they would be closed) if I had a bleed they would not be able to do anything about it, so it would be better to take it for 3 weeks. This means by the times I have completed the 3 weeks and waited for the bleed to start, I'm looking at about 4 weeks minimum before I can start clomid. This sucks.

I asked her that would it have not made more sense to just have asked me to come in for the scan a few dys before they close and then only take provera for 1 week, she agreed but said that taking provera for 3 weeks is fine. Yes I agree, it's fine, but unnecessary.

So now I need to wait again, the waiting never ends.

I will take the first provera pill tonight and keep you updated of the side effects along the course.

If any of you have taken provera for this long, or know of anyone who has, I would really like to know how long it took for the withdrawal bleed to start.



  1. Oh lara i feel your pain we are in the same predicament been given provera but have to time af for a scan on the 17th! im not preg and no cysts just have a very thick lining frombeing on day 82 of my cycle xxxbaby dust and lots of hugs x

  2. My af has landed without the provera but have to wait now till next cycle till i can do clomid as she cant do the day ten scan due to easter

  3. How frustrating, I feel your pain, I'm so tired of this waiting game. I'm predicting that I will start clomid around the third week of April at the earliest. I'm going to try and keep my mind of it.

    What were your provera symptoms?

  4. i never even took it af came on its own the morning after my appointment really glad i never took it with the amount of pain and how heavy the flow is i supoose 81 days is a long time lol

  5. hey Lindsey, I have been trying to leave comments on your blog, and for some reason it does not allow me to. Once I leave the comment it tells me to type in the code bit it leaves no space to type it in.

  6. hmmm i shall look into that im not sure whats going on with it

  7. should be fixed now hun hope ur doing ok xx

  8. Hi Lara, Just found your blog :) I am in a similar situation and ttc for 3 yrs. Was referred to Kings Assisted Conception and awaiting an appointment, unsure what to expect any tips?

  9. Hi Kerri, thanks for your comment. I think just be prepared for anything, my first appointment was mainly paperwork and then the consultant asked me to do some diagnostic tests so she could get a picture of my situation. Have you had a HSG done before? Or even a transvaginal ultrasound? They may book you to have these done.

    All the best though, I hope it goes well and you don't have to wait for weeks and weeks x