Monday, 30 April 2012

Mid-cycle scan 2 update

Hey guys, hope you are all doing great. This one is just going to be a quickie, I will keep it short and sweet. I went for my second scan to check my follies this morning and the DR basically saw that they had grown, but still not quite there yet. I was not too surprised to be honest because I have not had any positive OPK's. My left ovary had a follicle of 16-17mm and my right had 17-18mm so not quite there yet. I have been asked to come back on Thursday morning (cd19) with my trigger shot to trigger my ovulation. By that time my follicles should be about 20mm and ripe enough for ovulation. If I get a positive opk before thursday morning, then I won't need to go to get triggered. Also, next week Thursday (cd26) I need to get blood drawn to check my progesterone levels, which will confirm ovulation. My lining was 10.2mm which is quite good. So I'm hoping my follies grow a bit by Thursday so I can get triggered and then all I need to worry about is BD'ing. Hope you are all doing Ok. Bye for now


  1. Brill, its moving in the right direction, keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  2. Good luck hun grow follies grow xx