Monday, 16 April 2012

DING DING.......Clomd round 1 begins

Hey beautiful supporters, I call you supporters because you guys are so supportive and help me get through the waiting upon waiting upon waiting. I really appreciate you all.

As the title suggests, I have started clomid, finally - after waiting for over a year and enduring test upon test and going to numerous appointments.

AF came yesterday, 9 days after my last provera pill, I thought it would come quicker than this but at least it's here now. So I called the RMU this morning and when the nurse called me back she told me start clomid today- I was rather surprised. First of all, I thought she would want me to come in for a scan before getting approval to start, and secondly I thought I would start on cd3,4 or 5. So I took my first dose around 8pm this evening after my dinner. I'm really happy I have finally started, I will be going in next thursday morning for a scan to check the size of my follicles.

One thing I have noticed, is that my AF is lighter than usual, this must be an effect of the provera. I usually have to change my tampon every 2 hours on cd1 & 2 and sometimes even double up with a pad. This one has been a lot lighter.

Also I have noticed that I gained weight whilst taking provera, I have not weighed myself but I can see and feel it, a few people have commented too. I will need to work on this because I have never been a size 10 in my life and I'm now borderline size 10, no bikini wearing for me when I go on my hols. My skin has also gotten worse, spots on my forehead and around the jaw line, I'm hoping this will clear soon though.

Oh yeah, I started temping this morning too so I will monitor my temps too.
Wish me luck for my first round of clomid.



  1. Good luck! Hopefully you don't get Clomid Rage. (Hysterical in hindsight but intense when you're going through it - you'll know what I mean if it happens). With my first I did Clomid from CD1 otherwise I would end up ovulating even later than I did naturally. Go figure. Don't stress to much about the weight gain. Because it has only happened over a short period it is more likely to be a bucket load of fluid retention. Yay for hormones!! Are you on Fertility Friend??

  2. Good Luck!!! Hope you had good news in a few weeks - I started charting my temp as well, on Saturday! Can't wait to read & see what happens!

  3. Thanks ladies for the well wishes.

    I'm a little bit scared of this clomid rage I keep hearing of, hopefully that will skip past me.
    I am on FF but I have never been into any of the chat forums, I literally just update my temps and that's it. Do you find the forums helpful?

    I can't wait to see what happens.

    1. I'm the same. I think I spend far too much time trolling the chart galleries though. LOL! The forums are alright but most of the same stuff really. Lots of people obsessing over temps and symptoms etc. :-) This is mine if you want to add me:

  4. good luck hun and lots of baby dust to you xx

  5. Good luck! Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

  6. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate all well wishes and support x