Friday, 15 June 2012

Progesterone results & CD29 Update

Results are in........87.3nmol/l so a definate ovulation and pretty high for a single follicle ovulation.

I'm happy about this because I was beginning to doubt my ovulation, my boobs are only just beginning to feel sore, this is so bizarre for me. My temps are still high, so that's good too.

Ive not invested much emotion into this cycle, I'm hopeful but whatever happens I'm fine.

Not much more to say here, keepin it short and sweet.


  1. That's awesome!! And yes, very high. Maybe more than one afterall? Good news all the same! Good luck! xxx

  2. yay for ov i only had one follie hun and also thought i had no chance only poas to humour myself so you honestly never really know what will happen sending lots of baby dust and hugs xx

  3. Great results! I hope this is your month!