Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Time for a little break - CD6

So I'm taking a short break from the Clomid because I have to go away for a wedding, which will be during my fertile period, also, I'm going alone so I won't have the opportunity to babydance with hubby.

Here is an update video of how clomid round 2 ended.

Hope you're all well and good ladies, its been a while since I posted, it just doesn't come naturally to me when I get bad news. Sorry!

On Monday evening my SIL called to let us know she is now 10wks preggers with her second, of-course I am so happy for them, I know that the timing is right for them and that it's what they wanted. So now I have 2 SIL's that are pregnant and I'm still struggling to get a BFP. I am not feeling sorry for myself or anything, but I just wish it could be my turn too.

Anyway, thats it xxxx


  1. big hugs hun your time will be soon xx

  2. I know how you feel... The first time around I was in a group of nine ladies all TTC. In the time it took us to fall pregnant, the majority had actually given birth. It was gutting. Then it was difficult watching others start trying for their second after we started trying for our first and yet fall pregnant quickly. (Not that I can talk this time). But I do understand the feeling. -big hugs-

  3. I hope your turn comes very soon! I am 1 of 2 SILs that are also pregnant right now - but I don't think my other SIL is wanting to have any more children, she has 4 girls now as it is. I hope everything works out quickly for you - I want to read that you have gotten your BFP! Best of luck and baby dust!