Tuesday, 10 January 2012

CD 2 & fertility tests

Hey all, hope you are all doing great.
So I'm on cd2 and I have a few cramps and stuff, nothing major. I just wanted to let you know about my tests - they are all booked now. The transvaginal will be this friday afternoon (cd5) and the HSG will be next Wednesday (cd10). Hopefully all will be fine and we can move forward.
I spent about 3 hrs on hold to try and speak to the people who could book the tests for me, and both appointments were the last slots available, so I guess I was quit lucky. I was so frustrated about the waiting and waiting and waiting, it just seemed like nobody was actually there. The ladies I spoke to were so rude and abrupt, and completely lacking in the sensitivity department. My FS appointment is booked for early morning next Wednesday but they booked my HSG for Wednesday late morning,and the results are needed so they can be discussed in the FS appointment. I explained this to her, but she she rudely said that's all they have. I can completely appreciate that they are booked up but she did not even try to offer up a possible solution or anything, just rudeness and sharpness.
I think the nhs is a great thing and the really work hard and do a great thing, but it's clear that they are overstretched, you are just treated as another nhs number. Private care is the way forward, I'm telling you.

So now, I may have to even change my FS appointment, but I can't wait another 2 months, that would be agony. I will let you know what happens, I may just have to go ahead with it like that and see what the doctor says, I did try calling to rearrange the appointment but as per usual, I was just put on hold for what seemed like 5 hrs.

Aaaarrgh, so frustrated.


  1. It can be frustrating but good luck on Friday! I'm sure everything will be fine!

  2. Thanks sweetie, that's very kind of you. I'm so anxious

  3. i hated the nhs when i lived in the uk i have got so much help over here in germany then i ever got there good luck with the hsg thought id post and say hello as a new follower:)