Monday, 9 January 2012

Cycle Day 1 ....... finally!

Thank the Lord.... you're ugly face is finally here, you are the most annoying thing in my life but boy am I glad to see you (maybe I should be a bit nicer and you will come more often). Ok, so lets start again, I'm so overwhelmed with joy to see this beautiful manifestation of feminine beauty, please visit me more often.

So CD1 is here again after 71 days, and you wont understand how relieved I feel. As with every new cycle, I am going to try and be disciplined with my temping and I may do OPK's from mid-cycle. As I said in previous posts, I will be checking my CM daily and I may even have a shot at checking my cervical position daily also.

As per usual I will be taking Folic Acid, Bcomplex, Vit C, Evening  Primrose and I am not really sure if I will take Agnus Castus, I took it for the first 30 days of this cycle but I will think about it.

Now that AF is here I can finally have my transvaginal ultrasound and HSG (super nervous). I phoned the fertility clinic today to let them know I was on CD1 and I am waiting for them to call me back with an appointment. I  also called the imaging department where the HSG will take place but they were closed so I will have to call them again in the morning. Hopefully I will have it done on the 16th  in time for my appointment on the 18th.
Finally I feel like maybe we can make some progress, I really believe that my tubes will show to be clear and if that is the case I will probably be prescribed Clomid. The problem is I may have to wait for a fresh cycle to begin and I am not sure  when that could be.

So stay tuned to find out how the transvaginal will go this week and I will try to give more regular updates with whats happening this cycle.

How are all of you? Let me know if you have any updates. Anybody on CD1 and want to be a cycle buddy?

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  1. YAY! I am happy your new cycle has started! I will be reading your posts to see how this cycle turns out for you. I am very interested to see how your CM checking goes, because I have tried and I seem to have NO luck (I guess I don't really know what I am looking for). Anyway, I am on CD 11 and I have decided to take the Geritol vitamin supplements this go around.

    Good luck at your appointment!!