Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is Ovulation upon me? Cycle 16 update

Hi guys, hope you are all well. I thought I would do a quick cycle day update, although not much has been happening-until now.

I'm on CD 16 at the moment and even on a fairly normal cycle, I would say I generally ovulate about CD20. So I thought this would be a really important week to monitor my fertility signs. I have been temping every day and my normal range is between 96.9 - 97.27 and hopefully I will see a good temperature shift. I usually give up temping if I do not ovulate by day 30 as I cant be bothered with the stressing out. I noticed quite a creamy lotion-like cervical mucus on CD13 &14 and yesterday it was stretch but not slimey like egg-whites - I am not really sure how to categorise this CM. It wasn't really wet, it was whitish and I could stretch it a little way between my fingers, but in my mind I have just been thinking that its too early for me to ovulate and it's probably my pcos symptoms playing up.

I also have been doing OPK's, but I have only done it 3 days because I get home from work so late and sometimes I forget, sometimes I forget to stick to the peeing guidelines-lol!!!
But I remembered today and I got what I think is a  POSITIVE opk.
I wanted to be sure it was a positive , so I compared it to the one I did on CD13

What do you guys think? The one on the left is cd13 and the one on the right is today, it looks quite a bit darker doesn't it? But it does not stop there, I had some Clearblue smiley face OPK's that I use for back up (they are waaaaay too expensive to use everyday, especially with my long ass cycles) so I decided to test with these too.


I actually can't believe this, its almost too good to be true - but enough with that attitude. My DH will not be able to come up for air for a few days - we are gonna catch that lil eggy.

I know that when you have pcos, your body can play tricks and gear up for ovulation and then not ovulate, so I am well aware of this but I choose to remain positive and treat it like 100% ovulation.

Wish me luck this cycle guys.


  1. Good plan to REMAIN POSITIVE!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks hun, what more can I do apart from wait and be positive

  3. Hey Lara - saw your post in 'baby and bump' about your blog/asking if anyone else had one. Glad I stumbled on it, I love following peoples TTC journeys, gives me a bit of hope when they announce 'I'm Pregnant!' :)
    Praying that 2012 will be our year to shout (and blog!) 'I'm Pregnant'!
    Lots of love, your latest subber! x

    (I've also got a TTC blog - so check it out if you want!)

  4. Brilliant! The feeling when you get a smiley is fab! Enjoy your time with DH ;) I hope it's fruitful x

    Also thanks for subscribing, fingers crossed we're all announcing BFPs soon!

  5. Good lucky! Just started reading your blog after searching for some TTC blogs! I have one, but I keep it private just so family doesn't read it while I'm on this journey! I'd love for you to follow but I need to send you a request via email.

    Please send me your email so I can send you a request meranda.abercrombie @ yahoo . com (of course, no spaces)!