Monday, 27 February 2012

Back at One

Hey, as I was about to start writing I thought of the Brian McKnight song "Back at One" and it relates to my post because AF is here, yep that's right, CD1. But that song is such a great song, I used to have this song on repeat constantly. If you have not yard it before, go listen to it on YouTube.

So back to business, before I went to bed last night I went to the loo, and when I wiped I saw some pink - I immediately knew what was coming, so I put a sanitary towel on before I went to bed. I woke with full flow and lots of cramps.

When I saw the nurse she said I need to call on cd1, so I called today and left a message with their department. The nurse called me back later in the morning and booked me in for a transvaginal scan this Wednesday. She also told me not to take any clomid until they instruct me to. I will also need to take some blood tests for HIV,hep b,etc. I've had these tests already but they said I need to do them again because it was over a year ago and it's compulsory to have these tests done before having any fertility treatment.

So I'm wondering what will happen now, will I start now or have to wait till I get back fom my trip,at least I don't have to wait too long until Wednesday.

I'm slightly uncomfortable about having a transvaginal on cd3, my flow can be still slightly heavy at that time.

As I'm going to start clomid this cycle, I am going to make sure I'm taking my folic acid religiously, as well as vitamin b complex and evening primrose oil. I need to stock up on clearblue OPK's and I started temping again for this cycle.
Does anyone know if it's ok to take agnus castus along with clomid?, it helps with hormonal balance. Please let me know if you have insight.

God Bless


  1. No do not take Agnus Castus with Clomid they do not react well together, at least that is what I have read. Good luck!

  2. Yay for cd 1! that song was my wedding dance with hubby<3

  3. Awww, so sweet, its such a beautiful song. Gonna go and listen to it now.

  4. @lovebug, I did some research and I think I will follow your advice once I start the clomid