Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cycle day 25 update.......and confusion

This week has been a long week, mentally draining infact. In my last post I was excited to get 2positive OPK's, excited is an understatement to be honest. I promised to remain positive, which I did and I am - I think. DH and I BD'd around the days of the positive test to cover all bases, I think we did pretty well, apart from the day before my positive OPK which we did not BD on.
Since then I have been closely watching my temps, looking for a shift, but unfortunately I did not get any. My temps were a bit erratic for a few days and then they went real low, for the past 3 days my temp has been 96.76, usually my average temp is around 97.2 or something. At one point I was thinking my bbt had broken because i had the same temp for 3 days and they have been unusually low. Does the bbt not work in extremely cold weather or something - it's been absolutely freezing here for the past few days, unbearably cold in fact. How do people that live in Russia cope? It's like -20 over there.

Anyway, it seems as if i did not ovulate, it was just my shitty pcos body playing ovulation tricks on me again - totally not fair.

Also, for the past 2 days I have had a real creamy textured CM and I have noticed over the past 10 days or so that I tend to generally alternate between sticky and lotion type CM. Sometimes it has a tiny bit of stretch, but not clearly EWCM.

If anyone is reading this, do you think I should continue with the OPK's again? I might get a few positives before I eventually ovulate, I hate getting my hopes up only to find out I did not actually ovulate.

Please advise me, im a bit confused here and I'm at the point where I usually give upon my cycle and stop charting, but I promised I would see this cycle through even if it turns out to be 80 days long. I better stock up on more OPK's then.......ooops, where did the positivity go?

How are you ladies getting on?

Baby Dust to you all


  1. Hiya, its difficult to's a balance between potential upset versus potentially missing your 'golden time'...i would still use the opks.

    fingers crossed for you xxx

  2. I would keep using the opks too....i know it gets expensive though. I still love the smiley faces but understand that they're way too expensive to use if you have an extra long cycle. On another note, I'm six weeks along now.....keep on your journey and don't give up! You have to be an advocate for your body, yourself, and your unborn child. Baby dust to you soon!!!

  3. Wise words ladies........onwards and upwards