Monday, 6 February 2012

Back to OPK's

So I'm back to doing OPK's as I did not ovulate, I'm cd 29 today my test was quite dark but I don't think it was quite a positive.

My CM was gummy, I don't know if you really understand what that means, I don't really know how to describe it. I won't take a pic bcos that would just disgust you guys. It's not like a cream or lotion, it's slightly sticky and stretchy. I really have problems with this, I wish I could have a personal CM analyser.

Oh yeh, my bbt is actually working, my temps have gone back to their normal range.

So that's a quick update, I'm looking forward to what the nurse is going to give me next week.


  1. we seem to be in the same boat with our cycles this time im now day 43 with no ov and opks have tricked me so many times now with false positives i myself am just wanting this cycle over with so that i can begin my clomid next cycle! baby dust to you hun xxx

  2. Lindsey, sorry for my late reply. I have loads to tell you, we are definitely in the same boat. So has AF come yet?

  3. no no af for me yet but according to my temps i am 7 dpo can not wait for this cycle to end lol