Thursday, 3 May 2012

1DPO update

Right, so I should have posted some of my updates before today but I have come down with a cold and been trying to conserve my energy. 

The last time I posted (cd16), I had one follicle sized 16mm and another 17-18mm and I was asked to come back on cd19(today) to check the size and get my trigger shot (Ovitrelle).

Well, on cd17 I did my clearblue OPK test in the morning and I got a lovely smiley face - a positive, which I was quite surprised about because the DR said I needed a day or 2 more to let my follicles grow. Anyway, hubby and I did our part. I wanted to be doubly sure so I tested again late afternoon and it was still positive. I called the hospital to let them know and the fertility nurse said she was also a bit surprised but that she thought it was good and that I had a great lining. She said I no longer needed to come in on cd19 for my trigger shot, but I told her that I had had false positives in previous cycles and I wanted to be sure if I really ovulate without the trigger. So I kept my appointment hoping that the scan would conform that indeed I have ovulated and if not, I could just get my trigger shot.

I did another OPK test yesterday (cd18) morning and I got another positive, which is quite weird, anyway, hubby and I both did what we needed to do. 

This morning I did another one (only GOD knows why) and I got another positive - this is super weird, but I had a feeling that I had ovulated anyway because my bbt temp was 97.86, which was quite a dramatic rise.

So the DR scanned me as per usual, and she said that I had already ovulated from BOTH  of my ovaries - yes 2 eggs!!!!!!!!!!!! She claimed that she saw a collapsed follicle on both sides, she showed me one which I could clearly see but on the other side it was not so clear. Anyway, I trust her judgement.

So as it stands I am 1dpo and hubby and I have covered our bases with the bd'ing, and I have released 2 eggs, even if I don't get a BFN this cycle, I will still count this cycle as a success. It's the first time I have ever pinpointed my ovulation, this alone has increased my chances of pregnancy. Also, this will be a normal length cycle.

I have to go back to the hospital next Tuesday (cd24) for a progesterone blood test and then test the following Tuesday (cd31) which is 13dpo.

I hope I can stay calm and collected until then.

I will keep you posted once I get my blood test results and also on my temps, although I'm thinking I will only keep temping until the day of my blood test. I don't wan't to to get too hung over my temps and stress over whether I'm pregnant or not. I see that happening to a lot of women, if I don't know, I wont stress and I can look forward to my taking a pregnancy test.

That's it folks.

Warm wishes to you all xxx


  1. Great news Lara! :-) Hopefully there is a nice sticky BFP sitting at the end of this TWW. Two eggs mean double the chance! Good luck!

  2. YAYYYYYYYYY for ov work your magic eggies make that baby ojo!

  3. Thanks ladies, come on baby Ojo!!!!!!!

  4. That is so awesome! Congrats on O'ing and with two eggs! Hope you catch them!

  5. Good luck! I hope this is your month!