Friday, 11 May 2012

9DPO Update

As much as I am happy to be experiencing the "2ww" it's such a difficult time, filled with noticing every single thing your body does and paying too much attention to things that could be simply a coincidence. My days and nights have been filled with google-ing all kinds of things 2ww-related. I've never experienced this before because I never know when I have ovulated to be able to calculate my 2ww. I take my hat off to the many women who go through this countdown every single month, it's truly a struggle.

The good news is that my bbt temps have consistently remained elevated (about 97.9 average). I was wondering if I should stop charting my temps as I don't want to get too caught up in the temps, it would be so difficult for me to watch my temps slowly decreasing, I think I would rather just wait for my AF to arrive or to get a BFP. I think tomorrow will be the last time I take my temp for this cycle. Actually, I would really appreciate you advice and suggestion on this ladies. Please let me know your thoughts.

So these have been my symptoms so far;
  • 1dpo - normal
  • 2dpo - slightly sore boobs
  • 3dpo - slightly sore boobs, sticky cm
  • 4dpo- sore boobs, sticky cm, slight nausea, twinges around my ovaries
  • 5dpo - sore boobs, sticky cm
  • 6dpo - sore boobs, slight nausea, twinges and niggles
  • 7dpo - sore boobs, creamy cm
  • 8dpo - sore boobs, creamy cm, twinges and niggles
  • 9dpo- sore boobs, sore throat, sticky cm
I was wondering if I would have some spotting to indicate implantation, as some women notice, but I didn't see this, but fingers crossed I still implanted. I should have a good chance since I released 2 eggs, right?

Today the fertility nurse called to let me know the results of the progesterone blood test I took on 7dpo - result was 129nmol/l. This is ridiculously high, I have a large amount of progesterone in my body right now, quite considerably above the average range. Average range is 6.4-79.5nmol/L (equal to 2-25ng/mL) a week after ovulation. This sounded like great news to me but the nurse was quick to remind me that it does not mean I am pregnant and it has no relation to my chances of getting pregnant. Why couldn't she just let me have my joy for a moment?
I am due to test on Tuesday/Wednesday and I'm really hopeful and positive, I have been joking with my husband about twins over the last few days, I think he is seriously scared.

As I have spent numerous hours on google search, I was intrigued to know what happens in a woman's body between the time of fertilization and implantation. Apparently the zygote is in "free-flow" until it lands on the lining and implants, a few days later it will release the hcg hormone which can be detected by a pregnancy blood test, then a couple of days later, the hcg will be present in your urine. It's quite interesting to know all this things about a woman's body and makes me appreciate the miracle of human life, truly a testament to the awesomeness of God. This whole ttc experience has taught me so many things about my body.
If you would like to read a more detailed  account of implantation, I found the link below quite helpful.

So I have 5 more days to test, I never want to be in this 2ww again. I don't even want to try to get pregnant. Anyway, I cant really complain, this clomid therapy has worked well for me so for, so fingers crossed for the ultimate finish hey!

That's it for now, God Bless xxx


  1. Good luck hun and lots of baby dust imon my last day of clomid thank god lol my moods have been evil!

  2. Tried to comment here the other day but Blogger was being a PITA and refused to cooperate. I find the disintegrating temp thing very disheartening too. But it also depends on how your body works. Some chicks stay high right until the day of AF and then all of a sudden it comes crashing down.

    Now the progesterone thing is just a product of having more than one egg bust out. Your corpus luteum produces it to support a potential early pregnacy. If you pop more than one then you will have more progesterone. At 7DPO only likely to have just implanted or maybe not yet so the numbers usually arent' indicative of anything other than that you have ovulated and have good conditions.

  3. I just found your blog but read a few of your recent posts to get caught up. Sounds like you've had a good shot at it this cycle. My fingers are crossed for you :) You're almost through the TWW, just a couple more days!

  4. Thanks for all the support ladies, I'm still hanging in there.