Friday, 18 May 2012

Clomid Cycle 1...............BFN

As the title suggests, today I got a bfn after testing.
I had a temp dip too down to 97.33 which is in the normal range of my pre-ovulation temps. TBH I don't really want to to go into detail about it yet, I'm so disappointed as I was so hopeful about this cycle.

I tested with a FRER and only had 1 pink line.

I just want to quickly thank all the ladies that left wonderful comments on my blog, those comments really helped to keep me hoping throughout this cycle, it was amazing.

I will probably go into more details in my next post, just not in the mood right now, but I thought I should let you all know seeing as you have been right there with me on this cycle.

Take care ladies xxx



  1. I was so sorry to see this come up in my feed this morning. You've made a lot of progress this cycle. I'm positive you will get your BFP, nature is just testing your patience!! Take care!

  2. Oh Lara... I'm so sorry lovely. I thought you were looking really good. Take your time to be sad about it and dust off for the next one. xxx

  3. Lots of Big Hugs, Lara! I'm sorry this wasn't your cycle :-( I have lots of hope that you will get that BFP very soon! Just keep at it! :)

  4. Does that mean full on AF showed up??? If so, I am sorry :( But don't be too discouraged!!!! This was a wonderful cycle for you!! You knew when you ovulated, you had two eggs, a short/normal cycle etc!!! So, go into next cycle with a positive attitude!!!