Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Still holding on at 14dpo

I have decided I am not testing today. I know that most women know if they are preggers or not by 14dpo but I'm not sure if I would get an accurate result.
Some weird stuff has been happening, let me explain. On Monday (12dpo)& Tuesday (13dpo) I had cramping pains mostly all day, I even had this weir crampy feeling in my left leg, it was really uncomfortable. It felt like period pains, so I was suspecting that AF could be on her way. However my temps still remain high and I'm beginning to wonder if my thermometer is working - I get the same reading more or less everyday.

Yesterday I had some dark reddish and brownish discharge coming through, also when I wiped after using the loo it was pinkish the first time and more brownish subsequent times. I never usually experience spotting before my periods, I usually get full flow right away. After spending some time on google, I read that it could actually be implantation spotting from when the fertilised egg is burying into my lining. They say implantation can happen anytime between 6dpo and 12dpo, with the usual average being 9dpo. Could it be possible that I implanted really late about 12dpo and I had some implantation spotting yesterday. If this is the case, I wouldnt be worth me doing a Hpt until Saturday, which is 18 dpo. Actually FF has me down as AF starting on Saturday as I usually have long cycles with quite a long luteul phase.

If my AF comes before that, I will know that is is just spotting before AF comes, this is my first time on a clomid cycle, so this may be a side effect for me. As my temps are still up, I still have some hope that maybe I implanted late and I could still get a bfp. My breasts are still sore, but not as much as before, maybe the progesterone is slowly starting to decline.

Do any of you know of anybody who had a late implantation but still managed to get a bfp that lasted? I think I need some encouragement.

Later xx


  1. Late spotting doesn't necessarily equate to late implantation. Implantation doesn't just happen over the course of day or two. It continues for quite some time and as such can disrupt or irritate the uterine lining at any stage along the way. Many women don't end up testing until late because they have spotting around the time their period is due.

    With my first pregnancy I had a few random cramps from 9DPO but they didn't kick in with any significant until 11DPO afternoon which was after I got my first really really faint positive.

    Temp being up is a great sign and often preggo charts hold very constant and steady temps because progesterone levels aren't fluctuating because there is a baby growing and HCG is making sure it continues.

    Now there is a chance that what you're experiencing is a consequence of the Clomid and having ovulated more than one egg. Having said that, given that you have ultrasound proof of the time that you ovulated, the chances are that a pregnancy test at 14DPO is going to pretty darn accurate. :-)

    Good luck! Sounds pretty good to me. ;-)

  2. Hi!

    I have been following you and I feel so good about your cycle this time around!!! Really, I will be shocked if this isn't your month. Anyway, wanted to quickly share my story. I am on my second pregnancy and BOTH times I had IB. Both times, I mistook them for AF because there was some bright red blood. My point, however, is that BOTH times my IB came exactly when AF was due. Which would be 14 dpo. My BFP would always show up 2 days later.

    I always like to share my story - especially on our bnb forum - because I tested at 12 dpo with both pregnancys and it was a BFN. I never got my BFP until after the IB. Women get so discouraged with they test BFN early.

    Your month sounds REALLY REALLY promising and I think tomorrow morning you should use a good test and let us know how it turns out!!!!

    Good luck :)

  3. Thank you ladies for your insight and support, I'm remaining hopeful.
    espring24, everytime I read your message I feel better than the last time I read it, and hopefully my situation might be similar to yours. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, that's one of the main reasons I started this blog. I hope others too have learnt something and feel encouraged.

  4. Hang in there lady! Thinking of you and hoping for lots of sticky baby dust!

  5. Sending lots & lots of sticky baby dust your direction!!!!!!! FX & Lots of Prayers!

  6. I hope your temps stayed up, AF stayed away, and you've got an HPT waiting in the wings for that BFP!