Saturday, 17 December 2011

1st Fertility Treatment Appointment

Hi guys, how are you? Hope you're all well.
I love it how I'm speaking as if I have so many followers, I don't have any yet, I'm literally writing to myself - wishful thinking I guess. Anyway, back to the point of the post.

So 23rd November was the big day that I had been waiting for forever (6weeks actually, but it might as well have been forever). I was really excited but nervous at the same point. Even though my case had been taken up a notch, at least I was in the hands of the people who could help me to make this pregnancy happen. Upon arriving I saw many women who were pregnant already which filled me with a lot of hope. I signed in and was given a few forms to fill in, my OH too. After about 10 mins or so a nurse called us into her office to check my blood pressure, height and weight (59kg, I have gained 4kgs in this marriage-not good). She checked over our forms and said they were fine. The forms were basically to find out if you had been pregnant before, how regular your AF is, history of STD's, alcohol and drug intake, all that kind of stuff.

Then the consultant calls us into her office, the first thing i noticed was that she had a wall of photographs of babies(I'm assuming that she helped to conceive)-this was quite reassuring. She looked over her notes and said "so you have pcos", and I was like excuse me, she then said " well look, your an educated woman, it doesn't take much to see that your periods are highly irregular and your blood tests show that some of the hormone levels were higher than normal." I almost burst into tears because although I had often thought that I may have pcos I had never been labelled as someone with pcos. My doctor had told me that all seemed fine (she was really vague) previously and that I would probably just need help to ovulate. She asked me a bit more about my cycles and stuff and reassured me that I was still young and healthy and getting pregnant should not be too difficult. She said the next step would be have a few diagnostic tests done, so they would have a clear picture of what was going on inside my body.

1. Transvaginal Ultrasound- to be done between day 2-5 of my next AF. This is basically an ultrasound using a probe through the vagina so as to have a much clearer picture of my uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. I think they want to see how many cysts/follicles I have on my ovaries. I believe you should be able to see the dead follicle in which the egg was released from, if indeed I did ovulate. The disgusting thing is, that I will still be on my prior while this is done, that totally freaks me out.

2. Hysterosalpinogram (HSG)- to be done between day 7-10 of my cycle. This is an xray of the uterus and Fallopian tubes to check the tubes are clear and there are no blockages. They insert dye through a catheter into the uterus and use an xray machine to see if it has dispersed clearly through to the end of the Fallopian tubes. I have been reading up about this, I think it may be painful.

So I need to book both of these tests once my AF appears, which I have no clue, I think I'm on cycle day 40 already, with no signs of AF showing her face.
The consultant booked a return appointment for the 18th January 2012 to review the results and decide the next step. At this rate, there may not be any results to review. Fingers crossed for AF then, I never thought I would be saying that.

So there we have my journey so far, I'm just waiting for my AF to come so I can have the 2 tests done and get them out of the way. I'm really hoping 2012 will bring me the gift of motherhood.

What has your journey been like so far? Have you been diagnosed with PCOS? Have you had a transvaginal and or HSG? I'd love to hear your experiences.


  1. I just had an HSG done and it was uncomfortable with some cramping but was very quick. It was a relief to see my tubes working properly though! I don't have pcos but am ttc as a single, educated thirty-something mother with a donor.

  2. thats great that you're tubes are clear, so what was your next step? I'm anxious to know what will happen next.

  3. Well for me, I had to find a donor and get sperm ordered, then start tracking my cycle. Turns out my cycle lasts 30 days, which i had never really kept track before. I could've gotten started in November, but ended up missing my surge due to my inability to read the opk with lines lol. Im embarrassed to admit it, but i went with the smiley face ones this month. I detected my surge on 16th and had it done on the 17th. Now, the waiting game....

  4. wow, this sounds like a very complex process, you seem to be a very strong and determined woman. You're not the only one who struggles with those wretched OPK's. i just can't afford those smiley faces, especially since my cycles are so irregular, ranging from 35 - 95 days.

  5. Well, I'm on my second cycle of doing this....discovered my uterus is tilted which is very common. However, the dr did it the second time instead of a nurse and it felt completely different! I feel like i got ripped off the first time by the nurse, but oh well, what can you really say....hey you owe me some sperm??