Saturday, 31 December 2011

Cycle Day 63

Hi guys, hope you're all well, can you believe we are less than 6hrs away from 2012? Hopefully next year will be better than this year.

So as the title suggests, I am currently on CD63 which is a real bummer, at the beginning of this cycle I was so hopefull to have a normal cycle of about 35 days. I started taking agnus castus from cd1 as I heard this will help to regulate my cycle, but only up to ovulation. I also resumed temping with FF and the aim was to get a really good idea of how my body behaves. When I got to around cd 22 and there were no signs of ovulation I got fed up all the eratic temps, I was getting loads of negative opks up until cd30. So I decided to give up. Clearly, my body has it's own plans and I got tired of failing to be in control of it.
I even tried to check my cervical position, but failed at that too as I was so confused as to what I was supposed to be feeling for.

About a week before Xmas I started to notice the presence of CM in my underwear and I did notice the slight changes from sticky to slightly EWCM. I actually had my most fertile CM on Xmas eve, which actually means I could have ovulated on Xmas day- that would be a lovely story to tell. Since then I have literally had no CM which is the usual characteristic immediately after ovulation. My DH and I did BD around that time so that's a good thing. However, if you know anything about pcos you probably know that your body can show you all the signs of ovulating but you may not actually ovulate. So I really don't know whether I am in the 2ww or still have not ovulated. If my AF does not show up by Jan 10th I will just test.

Well hope you guys have a wonderful new year

God Bless

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